“Performance over Promises”,“Cutting edge Solutions”,“An Amalgam of Specialists”


At JB ARSEN we believe in letting our performance speak louder than our promises. By infusing a possession of over a decade of collective expert knowledge and specialist experience in the field of Tax, Corporate Law, Corporate Finance and Accounting within the Kerala market and across a wide array of industries, and with a team of young and vibrant minds, we assure deliverance of quality services. We ensure directing our expertise to provide highly customized advice to our clients, which would assist in making the best decisions, and work hand in hand with our clients to help translate those decisions into actions for measurable results.


JB ARSEN offers its clients with a one stop solution, through its unique combination of services under a single roof.

Over a Decade of Collective Experience


JB ARSEN was founded with a vision to achieve the pinnacle of excellence in the services offered to its clients. The Founders Mr. Balakrishnan K and Mr. Jose Jacob, posses specialist knowledge and hands on experience in their respective areas of expertise, and together they lead the team of JB ARSEN to realise its vision.

Balakrishnan Karyot

Direct Tax & Corporate Finance

Mr.Balakrishnan K heads the Direct Tax and Corporate Finance Division at JB ARSEN. He specializes in advising clients with respect to transactions from a tax and regulatory perspective including assistance in mergers and acquisitions and international tax. He also specializes in advising Corporates and individuals on process and operational controls and in finalization of effective financial strategies.

Education, Licenses & Certifications: Chartered Accountant

(P): +91 99 95 427866
(E): balu@jbarsen.com

Jose Jacob

Indirect Tax & Corporate Law

Mr.Jose Jacob heads the Indirect Tax and Corporate Law Services Division at JB ARSEN. He specializes in advising clients with respect to transactions from a tax and corporate law perspective, including assistance in implementation of tax optimal and commercially efficient corporate structures. From a Legal perspective, he specializes in providing clients with practical legal solutions taking into consideration the business requirements of each individual client.

Education, Licenses & Certifications: Member of Bar Council of India,Bachelor of Law

(P): +91 97 45 688870
(E): jose@jbarsen.com